The Captain

JONATHAN SHALE, originally from UK, now living in Borneo, has years of experience sailing in the West Coast of Scotland and more than 13 years experience in the warmer waters of the South China Sea exploring its tropical islands.

He set up the company Borneo Boats and Beaches in 2010 to provide personalised, quality, affordable boat trips around the islands off Kota Kinabalu.

He knows the best places to visit by boat - quiet beaches, the best snorkelling areas, where to spot wildlife etc.

He will be a charming host and the safety of his guests will always be upper-most in his mind.

Jonathan's native language is English but he is proficient in Bahasa Malaysia.

The two full-time boat boys are brothers, Midz and Rizy. Both of them are experienced, trained and trusted in all aspects of the boat and charters. On rare occasions when Jonathan is not available, Midz will Captain the boat.

All the full time crew are non-smokers.

Captain Jonathan

Captain and crew

The Company

Borneo Boats and Beaches Sdn. Bhd.

A Malaysian Registered Company

Company No. 934044 P

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